Victory Sim Daytona Racing Simulator

Victory Sim Racing M1 Daytona Sim Rig
Daytona Shown has D box upgrade


This is the best of the best, The Victory Sim Daytona racing simulator with the M1 chassis, comes with a choice of color and FIA certified OMP HTE-R leaves you comfortable and stylish. Simucube2 pro leaves nothing on the track as it translates perfectly that on road feel you desire, paired with a Simucube Tahko GT-21 is a beautiful combo. DSD button panels and a Victory SIM aluminum dash gives you all the controls at your fingertips. Simcoach hydraulic P1 3 pedal set (inverted or floor mount) is as good as it gets and is our go-to for professional training solutions, a Fanatec Clubsport SQ shifter lets you keep the shifts on point. Triple 32 inch 1440 resolution monitors have all the eye candy you can handle and the Victory Sim Daytona racing simulator PC (Intel I7/Nvidia RTX 3080Ti) will push your viewing pleasure to the limits!

All hardware has full manufacture warranty, and the PC has a full 3-year warranty from Silver Knights PC


  • Victory Sim M1 Chassis, with color choice*
  • Integrated Triple Monitor Mount
  • OMP HTE-R containment seat
  • SimuCube 2 PRO DD Wheelbase
  • DSD Button Panels with VictorySim aluminum dash
  • Fanatec SQ Shifter
  • Simcoach P1 hydraulic 3 pedal set (inverted or floor-mounted)
  • Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel
  • (3) 32” 1440 Res Gaming Monitors
  • Wireless Headset & Keyboard w/touchpad
  • Daytona Gaming PC**

Daytona Gaming PC

(Intel i7 12700KF 12 Core 20,, Thread CPU Arctic 240MM aRGB Water Cooler, Z690 Full ATX Motherboard, DDR4 16GB DDR4 Mushkin RAM 3600mhz RGB, 500GB SSD NVME M.2 , 1TB HDD 7200RPM, Corsair 5000D Airflow Case, 850W PSU 80+ Gold, aRGB Fans 4x, RTX 3080Ti 12GB, Windows 10)

The Daytona Racing Simulator $15500


  • Dbox 4250i Gen3 3 DOF motion $10,000
  • Sigma Integrale DK2 3 DOF motion $5500.00
  • Sigma Integrale DK2+ 3 DOF motion $7500.00
  • Buttkicker Gamer2 bass transducer $350.00


* Powder-coat colors that require a 2 step process may cost more

** Includes: Overclocking & Stability Testing & Full 3 year Silver Knights PC warranty

All Packages include labor for assembly, testing and configuration and Local Pickup, Connelly Springs, NC.


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